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First blow, then turns on the ignition
Prior to starting the engine, the Dräger Interlock®  requests a breath sample. If the driver is alcoholized, the immobilizer system inhibits the motor from starting. Otherwise, the starter is activated for the driver to start the vehicle. The device will also prompt the driver to retest periodically while en route. The device will not disrupt the engine function once the engine has been started, however the event will be recorded. Some states require the horn to sound and / or the lights to flash if a retest is failed.

High measurement accuracy
The Dräger Interlock® XT determines the breath alcohol concentration via an electro-chemical sensor system as it is used in respective police measuring devices. The device is responsive to alcohol only.

Fast usability
To avoid long waiting periods, Dräger put emphasis on the Interlock® XT always being fast ready to use quickly. Its functionality is as good at -40 °F as at +185 °F under direct sunlight. The name affix "XT" stands for "eXtended Temperature".

Safe from manipulation
The device immediately detects any attempt to use auxiliaries as air pumps or filters to bypass the Dräger Interlock® XT. In such case, it will inhibit the motor from starting.

All events recorded in a data memory
The data memory records more than 30,000 events and can be read via a special PC software.

Draeger XT and Draeger 7000 now available (required by NYS) 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an ignition interlock?
An interlock is a breath analysis device that is installed in a motor vehicle.  The interlock prevents an alcohol-impaired person from starting the motor vehicle.  Retests are randomly required during operation of the vehicle.  The interlock system records dates, times, test results, engine runs and engine offs.  This data is provided to designate authorities and used to determine compliance with the interlock program.

Will the unit shut off the engine?
No.  An interlock does not shut off a vehicle's engine or stop it abruptly in its tracks.  If a Retest is failed or if the Retest is not presented when required, a violation will be recorded and the vehicle's horn will sound and the lights will flash until either the breath test is passed or the driver turns off the vehicle.

What if the vehicle stalls in traffic?
The interlock allows a free restart of four minutes. The vehicle can be restarted within this time without another breath test.

How much does it cost in New York? 
Standard Installation Fee-----$150 to $200 Depending on vehicle and model ordered by your monitoring agency
Monthly Monitoring fee——--$109 to $119 Depending on model ordered by your monitoring agency

* Prices subject to change

Will the interlock record "false positive" tests? 
The Draeger Interlock® utilizes electrochemical fuel cell technology which is alcohol specific.  The Draeger Interlock® will not show a positive alcohol result for non-alcohol airborne pollutants.

How often will the interlock need to be monitored?
The monitoring time interval can vary from state to state. In NY, 30 days and 30 days thereafter.  This monitoring and calibration check will take approximately fifteen (15) minutes.

Can't someone besides the driver provide the test?
Yes.  A non-compliant user might request that someone (a stranger, family member, older teenager) provide a passing breath sample.  The interlock does positively identify the driver.  The Retest feature, however, requires subsequent random breath samples during the journey, and shortly after the engine start.  In addition, the breath sample must fulfill a volume specification and be presented in a unique manner.  Incorrect breath presentation is noted in the events log.

After the interlock is installed, is technical support available?
Yes. We train you to use the interlock.  We will give you an additional number to call if assistance is needed. 

What if I miss my monitoring appointment? 
State law requires that your device to be serviced regularly.  You will be required to bring the vehicle in for monitoring every thirty (30) days.  If you miss your appointment and are locked out, or your unit locks out due to violations, you will be required to tow the vehicle into the service center of your choice at your expense.  There is a fee of $25.00 for missing your appointment.

How do I enroll?
In Monroe County simply call 910-231-1277, Jenson Brown will answer any additional questions you may have and schedule your appointment. 
For Erie or surrounding Counties call 716-901-3681 for Nick or Jensen. Please have your driver's license, vehicle make and model, and court order paperwork available when you call.

If it sounds too good to be true...it usually is!
Before having an ignition interlock device installed, please make sure that you ask the right questions...like...What are all the associated charges?

At Ignition Interlock, we strive to make our customers happy. Before having anything installed, make sure that you know the bottom line, and what costs are involved. You may have this device on your vehicle for several months, and you will incur other expenses along the way, so you need to know ALL of the expenses involved and the questions to ask.

Our VOLUNTEER Program is the best and most efficient way to keep from getting your first or next DWI. Cost is much less than a court ordered device because of the following..
(1)- no camera needed 
(2)- no reporting 
(3)-never pay for a violation reset 
(4)-pay once for 2 or 3 month service no coming back every 30 days 
(5)-not as restrictive in time allotments and higher bac lockouts. 
(6)-you will never get a DWI with our IID in your vehicle 
(7)-peace of mind and safety for you, your family, your loved ones young or old.  Remember if this is court ordered you probably already went to court after being arrested, paid a lawyer, paid a steep fine, possibly lost your license and lost work time, along with insurance increasing all told to the tune of $10-20,000!  And being pro-active may save a life.

So when someone offers you a so called free installation, is it really free? Add it up and you will see. You will pay more for your interlock device in the long run with other companies. Ignition Interlock is the only locally owned and operated interlock company in WNY.